Welcome to our World

The new website is now live!  Join us over at Hermit & Star Books, still a WordPress site!

Hermit Star logo blue


Paperbacks are available at:   Createspace store Amazon.com.–Lulu.com

eBooks are available at:
Smashwords  **author’s preferred edition**

eManga.com —  Amazon  —  Barnes & Noble  —  Lulu  —  ARe  (AllRomanceeBooks.com)  —  KoBo  —  Sony eBooks Store  —  Diesel eBooks  —  eBay  —  Etsy

**Some titles are not yet available on all platforms. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.**

Supporting the Authors:

Please support Indie & self-published authors by purchasing their books and avoiding pirating sites! 

We would like to let our readers know that the #1 most important thing you can do to support us is leave reviews. Whether you post them on Facebook, Goodreads or on the website of your book dealer of choice, reviews are the very best advertising we could ever have.

If you already own all of our books, but still would like a way to support Wandering Stars Press, there is this really amazing new site we’ve joined, Patron21. This allows people to become patrons of the arts and with a small monthly subscription (starting at $2), support the artists they believe in. This money helps artists purchase much needed supplies, buy advertising and pay rent. It takes away some of the pressure of monetizing before there is a product and allows them to concentrate more of their time and energy on producing their work.


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