So you say you’re writers?

At the moment, Hermie and Nevi are finishing up the final read-through of  “Monster: Book One”, hoping to have it ready for publishing by the first week of 2013. Exciting!

For my part as the editor, I’ve returned both “Monster: Book One” (currently in the final read stage) and “Ghost House: Book One” and I can tell you honestly as a fan of boyslove and WSP’s resident #1 fangirl that these books are outstanding. I cannot wait to share them with other gay erotica fans because I have actually heard them multiple times at this point – through various editing stages and rewrites – and they never get old. The characters are complex and damaged. The sex is just freaking hot, wrong and fantastic. LOL I won’t even lie. It’s not often you can find a book where the quality of the plotline and the quality of the sex are on equal par. (You know I’m right.)

I’m gonna try to (soon!) get pages up for each of the series so you can read a bit more about the plot & characters because I know there’s no point telling you how great these books are if you don’t even know what they’re about. Patience, my dear readers, it’s just a baby website right now. 😉




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