Hermie’s first post!

I just really wanted to start talking here about our writing, my part in it and other random stuff as it comes to mind! I am very excited to say that we have been working hard on getting the first book of “Monster” ready for publication.  It is in the final stages of the editing process, where Nevi is reading it out loud to me so we can both hear how it sound and make what little tweaks that need doing.  Once we’re done there, it will be just a matter of me doing some formatting work and uploading the manuscript to Lulu.com, where we will be publishing our work at first.  Once we’ve made enough sales to afford a real ISBN then we will expand to publishing our books on a more wide-spread market (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM, etc.)

I’ve been working on my own story, which is tentatively going under the working title of Crystal Courts.  But there’s not much to say about that, other than it is shaping up to be a much more involved plot line and epic cast of characters than I originally planned.  I guess it’s starting to look like A Song of Fire & Ice by George R.R. Martin, but I haven’t read that series yet. I do have the first few books sitting on my shelf, but I am finishing up with the series I’m currently on before I dive into another one.  I’m kind of a stickler for that.  I don’t like to move into a new series of books if I haven’t finished the one I’ve started.  Sometimes, I will wait to start a series until I know that the last one is out.  That’s why I didn’t get to the Hunger Games until it was nearly time for the movie!


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