Working Hard at Hardly Working

It’s been a full year already for us!  Nevi and I have been working hard at getting our first book, “Monster” ready to be published in the next week or two.  There’s just some editing tweaks to be made and then it’s ready to go!

We’ve also been writing like mad in our other Parliament of Twilight series, “Inertia.”  Book One is with Seth for the proofing stage, book two is in the beta reading where Nevi reads it out loud to Seth and me and we are writing book three right now, with the end clearly in sight!  That’s hardly the end of the series, but we’re going to take a break from that set of characters once book three is done in order to work with “Ghost House” and “Monster”, both of which have the first two books completely written.  We’ll be starting book three of one of those series, but we just aren’t sure which one at the moment.  It’ll depend on which story line we’re feeling the most excited about when we get to the end of Inertia 3.

All in all, it seems we’ve found our stride in our writing, even after a couple of weeks off for the holidays.  It’s just the editing, typing, proofing stages that seem to take forever!


~~ Dani R.R. Hermit


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