One in the Hand

The excitement in our studio today is palpable.  We received in the mail this morning the first print copy of our book!  It’s stunning!  I am sitting on the couch petting it and cooing to it like it’s my firstborn baby! But in some ways, it is.  I’ve been waiting for this moment, to be holding a book I’ve written in my hands since I first knew I wanted to be a writer.

I can honestly remember that moment.  I was standing in the public library when I was in middle school, looking around at the rows and rows of books.  Out of nowhere it hit me.  These books aren’t magickal items that are imported from an alternate reality.  Someone has to WRITE every last one of them.  Why can’t one of those someones be me?

And now, so many, many years later, after a series of frustrations, failures and dealing with my own issues, I have a book in hand.  Even better than that, I wrote the book with the love of my life and my best friend ever helped us make it a reality.  This is so much better than just doing it on my own and not having anyone to share in the joy with.



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