Wait..who’s supposed to be having sex in this scene?

Skye & RT

Skye & RT

SO Hermie and Nevi have been writing like crazy.. even more so since they published “Monster: Book One“. Having the actual book in hand to feel like it’s real and seeing people online (thank you!) actually buying our book has really lit a fire and them. And let me tell you, it’s now like they weren’t busy before! In November, for NaNoWriMo, they wrote “Inertia: Book 2” and since then have finished the first write on 2 other books! We just realised this last night, taking stock of where things are in the writing-editing-rewriting process on the big white board in the studio. It’s like they’ve been having a Nano-thon!

Now I’ve done read-throughs on “Inertia 1” (in the process of my editing now) and edited “Ghost House 1”, which is now back to Hermie for the final edit. These books are gonna knock your socks off. And as far as “Inertia 1” I have to tell you a secret. This was not the original first book in this series. The whole of what is now “Inertia 1” started out as a small flashback in the original “Inertia 1” but this series has practically rewritten itself in a way that the authors never saw coming. But this new version gives even more life to these characters – you get even more of the love story between Skye and Reggie, you understand more about the history of both characters. PLUS! There was a character that, in the original Book 1, only got a couple of paragraphs and was killed off. He now comes in near the end of the new Book 1 with a whole new life and plays a major part in Book 2. He might even get to live! (Apparently they’re falling in love with him now that he really has a story and he’s petitioning well on his own behalf to not be killed off this time. LOL) We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. Don’t worry, if he gets to live I’ll tell you which character it was after that books published. 🙂





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