Looking at the future of Sexy

Just saw the finished art piece for the cover of Monster 2 and I’m so stoked to see it as a finished cover on the book! Unfortunately, I have to wait a few months (until near the end of summer) before we’re going to be able to publish that one. However, it’s only about a month until Ghost House book 1 is going to be available!! And of course, Monster 1 is on Amazon & Lulu –

For those of you who are looking to preview or buy Monster 1, here are the links:

Our paperback and eBook are available on Lulu, and this is where we make the most royalties from the books, so please consider this option first.  We understand most people trust Amazon.com because that’s a well known site, and we have our book there as well, but they take a much larger cut of the publication price than Lulu.com does, and we need the revenue in order to keep self-publishing our books!  But if you prefer Amazon, the links are below.

This is where the Kindle edition is being sold, and the paperback has been published via Amazon’s Createspace self-publishing platform.


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