Back to Work

After taking a 2 week sabbatical from writing to let our brains cool off after finishing the first drafts for Inertia books 2 & 3 between Nov 1st and Feb 3rd, Nevi and I will be back to the grind starting tomorrow.  We’re going to dive into Monster 3 and holy crap, do we have some great ideas for that one!

Also, coming up in future volumes of our three series from the Parliament of Twilight will be a mini-crossover in Las Vegas!  Some characters will be meeting for the first time and others will be reluctantly brought face to face with their pasts!  Very exciting stuff, and we don’t even know the half of what might happen when the casts of Ghost House, Monster and Inertia all end up in the city of sin!

We’ve been working on giving the living room a make over.  It’s going to look like a cute little cafe once we’re done and I think that’s going to create a fun, interesting place for us to write and work on our other projects.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get the bulk of it done tonight so that tomorrow we can start fresh with a “new” studio.

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