Here’s a post from our very own Hermie, from her other blog.

The Power of Positive Destruction

**I just wrote this in response to the question “what made you want to be a writer?” over at BTS Promotions’ facebook page and just loved it, so I am sharing it with the rest of the world.**

I actually still remember the moment I decided I wanted to be a writer. I had just started high school, and had always been a very avid reader. I was standing in the public library, trying to decide between new series to start reading and I had this epiphany moment where I thought “oh my God. Somebody has to write all these books. Lots of somebodies. I want to be one of those somebodies!” I’d been writing short stories, X-men fanfic and really crappy poetry before then but that’s the moment when I started writing original stories that I intended to turn into books. Not that I would use those now, but…

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