Talking about writing Ghost House

This book was our first attempt at NaNoWriMo, and while we failed fabulously at getting in completed in a month, it never left us. It was a joy to write, and a challenge. But it also was the first appearance of the Parliament of Twilight. It was during the work on Ghost House that we finally found the thread to connect our worlds together. And what better way to draw in all the different characters we had created at that time than to use a quasi-evil secret organization?

Jacob has proven to be a challenge to write. He’s not easy to like, being as he might be the biggest d-bag in all of the Parliament series. But there is a tenderness in him that Brodie brings out, just a glimmer of hope that he can be redeemed. But keeping that hope at just glimmer level is not easy when writing a story that, in the end, is supposed to be a love story.

While it is something like choosing between your children, I do think that Ghost House is my personal favorite among the three main series of the Parliament of Twilight.

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