Monster Book 2 – work in progress

Working on Monster book 2 – typing and editing.  It’s a long way from being done, but there’s a great story here I can’t wait to see polished and shiny.  There’s quite a bit of character development happening during this one, especially in the secondary characters.  We see more of Chip and J, as well as getting to meet Richard’s lover Stefan face to face.

More so than the first book, Monster 2 has some fairly strong ties to the rest of the Parliament of Twilight series.  In particular the Richard & Stefan storyline that is played out in Ghost House 2 (available later this year).  There is also a phone call in Monster 2 that is to a character in the series Inertia, and in Inertia 2 you get to see the other side of the call.

And, of course, there is the spoiler I let slip a few weeks back about the mini-crossover in Las Vegas coming up.  Many of the characters from all 3 series will be in the same place at the same time!  As far as I can tell right now, this will be in Inertia 4 & 5, Ghost House 6-ish, and Monster 4 or 5.  As this story arc hasn’t actually been written yet, and is only in the outline/planning stage, it’s hard to say just where it will fall in each story.  There is a whole year of time to cover in the Ghost House series as it begins nearly a year before Monster & Inertia do.

That story will mark about the halfway point in all three series.  They are all set to end at the same point in story-time.  Of course, this is the epic Parliament of Twilight series we’re talking about.  The ending of those series only means the start of a new one!  But that is a long way off in the future.  Right now, we’re working on finishing, polishing and publishing the stories we have completed!


One thought on “Monster Book 2 – work in progress

  1. I can’t even imagine trying to keep all these storylines straight. The capacity of your brains & creativity blows me away. Can’t wait to read more about all these other characters. Chip & J are personal side-ship faves of mine. 🙂

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