Get Obsessed!

We now have 2 books out and a third on the way!  We’re doing things a little oddly, but it works for us.  We’re writing 3 separate series all set in the same world of the Parliament of Twilight.  Each series has a different set of characters and their own tone.  It’s fun to see how each story touches on the edge of the other 2, with a small segment of characters crossing over from one to the other.  There are mentions of the dapper British gent R.T. in all 3 series, though he stars in Inertia.  Skye is in the beginning of Monster, the first book we released, playing a pivotal role in the main character Siris’s development.  Then we find him as half of the main couple in the upcoming Inertia series.  And as I mentioned in a previous post, there is going to be a mini-crossover coming up where all the main story lines of the 3 series converge in Las Vegas for a brief moment before they split off to play out the rest of their stories.

Our editor, Seth, has been talking about setting up a Wiki in order to help our future obsessive fans keep all the stories, characters and mythology of the world straight.  I wish her luck!  I’m not sure how Nevi and I are able to keep it all in order.  Our notes aren’t exactly organized!

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