Building Momentum

Wow, it’s been a crazy couple weeks!  I’m just getting back to serious work after being under the weather and working on a fun prompt for the M/M Romance Group on  There’s still some cleaning and editing to do on that short story, but the rough draft is looking good!  I’ll post links when the final product is available on the group.

We’re starting a promotional blitz for Ghost House #1 which came out in the beginning of March.  If you go to, it’s FREE today only for your Kindle!

We’ve been posted on the lovely blog, Guys Like Romance, Too!

I’m waiting to hear from CBLS Promotions about what’s going on with our blog barrage that was supposed to be happening today.  I haven’t heard anything about it in weeks.

Other than that, we’ve got our heads down and our pens flying.  Monster #3 is being written, Inertia #1 is being polished for publication and Monster #2 is going through its first round of edits.


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