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Just wanted to let our followers know that the promo blitz with Ghost House #1 on April 30th was a resounding success!  Well over 100 copies were given away world-wide and we’ve decided to celebrate by lowering the prices on our Kindle books.  All of our releases have been dropped to $2.99 and will be released at that price from now on.  We made this choice after looking at the sheer volume of books that will coming out over the next couple of years, both in our Parliament of Twilight series and from re-visiting some of our older stories that never saw the light of day, and it just isn’t fair to ask our adoring fans to wait to read our books until they get paid!

Also, I just want to remind everyone that our eBooks are free to be borrowed from the Kindle Lending Library to people who have the Amazon Prime membership (which is an awesome investment if you read quite a bit, because it makes something like 300,000 books free for your Kindle and all  two day shipping from free with no minimum purchase.  And they’re doing streams of TV and movies now too!)  There’s a special right now that lets you have a 30 day free trial.

In case you’re wondering, the authors DO get compensated for the free loans on the Lending Library program.  In many cases (ours included), the compensation is more for the Lending Library than it is for a regular sale.

I’d also like to take a moment to ask that if you have read any of our books to please leave a review on or  Honest reviews are the backbone of the self-publishing industry.  We can market ourselves half to death but without reviews from our fans, we can’t make the sales that keep us well supplied with coffee and chocolate!


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