Still Exciting

Who says it’s only good your first time?  We’re all in a flurry in the studio as we prepare for the release of Inertia #1 in the first week of June and we couldn’t be more excited or nervous!

There’s last minute edits and polishing up of the cover.  It’s all coming together and looking really great!  If you didn’t know, there’s a preview chapter in the back of Ghost House #1.  So far, we’ve gotten a pretty good response to it.

While all this is going on, we’re also gearing up for taking our work to our first convention this fall.  There’s merch being planned, and art prints planned along with the pile of books we’ll be bringing along.  And our editor Seth will be bringing along her plushies that she makes for her own company, Rainbow’s Anthem.  We’ll be talking more about that later in the summer as the details hammer themselves out.

Also, don’t forget about the giveaway we’re running on Facebook to celebrate the release of Inertia #1.



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