Lazy Beagle

While the final edits for Inertia #1 are underway, we’re starting to see our sales pick up for our other two books.  That’s very exciting, but also a little disheartening when we look at Amazon or Goodreads and find there aren’t any reviews going up for our books.  I just want to take a moment to ask our loyal readers to remember to leave a review on the website of your book dealer of choice for our books – especially if you loved them!  Every review has an impact on the future of the book, album, product, whatever it is.  If you love a writer, artist, musician, sculptor, restaurant, hotel, or even your local Wal-Mart, leaving reviews online makes all the difference.  Those reviews help other people decide to buy the product (and yes, unfortunately, people’s creative projects do have to be treated like products in order for them to make money and keep doing it.  I don’t like it but that’s the sad way of the world.)  The more reviews, the better the chance that the artist, writer or Wal-Mart will succeed and be able to continue doing what you love.
In other news, we’re now up on the Lazy Beagle site!! This is the link to my profile, which is looking super good.  Give it a gander.  Also, don’t be shy about checking out the other authors who are on there.  There are some pretty good-sounding books to be had!–hermit.html

And don’t forget about our giveaway happening on our Facebook page! Free eBook copies of our newest M/M erotica book as well some of our back catalog will be given out to six random winners and there’s one Grand Prize of all three books that start the Parliament of Twilight series – Ghost House #1, Monster #1 and the upcoming Inertia #1 (due out June 7th). Hop over and check it out!


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