Do you like to spend money?

Funny enough, so do I.

I’ve built a page on the site here that includes all the links to where you can buy our books.  Everything will be in one place so you can pick your favorite dealer and get your fix!

As well as putting together a one-stop shop for our books and merchandise (links for that coming soon!), I have also linked to our Patron21 account.  This is an amazing new website that offers artists a chance to find patrons – people who are willing to make a monthly investment in the artist.  With this investment, the artist is able to buy supplies (in our case, pens, paper, ink, etc.), advertising, and pay their living expenses so they have time to create.  It’s an old school idea with a new twist!  The subscriptions start very low (in the area of $2-5) but if 100 people were to make a promise of $2 a month, that would bring in $200 for us to pay for tables at conventions, purchase copies of our books to sell and so much more!

Also, if you’ve read on of our books, please take a minute to post a review on Amazon or your venue of choice.


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