Inertia #1 now available!

You can find our book nearly everywhere now!  The newest chapter in the epic Parliament of Twilight world has begun!

Inertia #1 – A Parliament of Twilight novel

Skye is about to quit his job tending bar because of the golden ticket he blackmailed out of Siris a few weeks ago (see Monster #1 for the full story). On his last night, his bosses hire him a piano player for his going away shindig and change his entire world.

RT was ready to quit on life. Having spent most of his life as Broadway royalty and even as a pop radio darling for a time, the over fifty piano player has been reduced to playing dive bars as an impersonator of himself because no one in their right mind would hire him. He’s been in and out of rehab, done reality TV hosting gigs to pay the rent and now this. RT intends for this retirement party to be the last thing he ever does. Ever.

But from the moment he lays eyes on the sexy, twenty-something bartender, he forgets about his plans for suicide and ends up living more in one weekend than he could have ever imagined possible. But both men have secrets, dangerous secrets that could ruin their unbelievable bliss and tear them apart forever. What will happen to them as these secrets come to life?

Buy it here:

Kindle edition on  Paperback will be available at Amazon in a few days.

Paperback at Createspace store

Paperback or eBook on

eBook (many formats) on Smashwords

.mobi or PDF on ARe


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