Cleaning House

It’s been a busy week here at WSP!  We started out by releasing our third book, Inertia Book One.  Dani’s been working on the website on and off, with a little help from Seth.  There are now review pages for each of the main Parliament of Twilight stories as well as a FAQ page under the “about” tab.  She’s cleaned up the shopping page to make more sense and we’ve joined a new website called Patron21 (the link is on the shopping page).

Patron21 will hopefully be a huge asset to the studio, providing some much needed capital to do promotions, conventions and the like!  The awesome part about this is that not only will our subscribers be helping us out, they will be entitled to FREE eBook copies of all of our books as long as they are active subscribers.  If you want to get in on this really cool new movement, jump over to our shopping tab and at the bottom of the page you’ll find the Patron21 links and info.

Not only are we coming down off the heavy promotion we were doing in anticipation of Inertia #1’s release, Nevi and Dani are getting back to writing every day.  They had taken some time to rest their brains and to give Dani some extra time to format, promote, upload, deal with technical crap.  But now that there’s nothing left to do but promote, they’re pouring all their time and energy into getting the first draft of Monster #3 completed and possibly starting in on Monster #4.

There’s also been some on and off work being done on a few other side projects, novel and novellas that are not part of the Parliament of Twilight world.  Details on those are forthcoming.  The authors don’t want to start talking about projects that may not be finished for months and months yet!




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