Please support Indie Authors!

1year vs 1minute
This is a very sad fact. Most indie authors struggle to get people to spend even $2.99 on their eBooks and forget getting anyone to buy a paperback. About the cheapest anyone can go and make any money is around $8, and that’s only if you have a short book. We charge $9.99 for our 250-300 page books and are only making a little over a $1 after Amazon takes their cut. And that’s just for the cost of the book. Advertising isn’t cheap and just talking about your book on Facebook and Twitter won’t sell that many copies.

It’s the time thing that got me with this pic. A cup of fancy coffee really does only take a minute or two and I’ve spent up to $6 for a cup. These $2.99 eBooks that are being sold by indie authors can take years to complete. I know our Parliament of Twilight books have! We began seriously writing them in Fall of 2009 but the story has been in development since 2002 or 2003. That’s ten years spent developing characters, rewriting plots, perfecting our style, rewriting the plots again, and the hundred other steps that it takes to write a book.

Please remember to support indie authors! Not just by buying the books, but if you find one you love, review it on Amazon or Goodreads, share the links with your friends, spread the word. The best way for an indie author to become successful is via word of mouth.


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