Did you know?

Just doing a little check-in with our loyal readers.  We’ve been so very busy and I’ll give you the run down a little later in this post, but first, I wanted to share something with you I wasn’t certain you knew.

Did you know that Dani Hermit (that’s me!) does Tarot readings to support WSP with a little extra advertising money?  Yeah, I really do!  I have my own blog about it (which I admittedly don’t update often).  It’s another spiffy WordPress site like this one that has some pages where I talk about what kinds of readings I do.  Check it out!

And now, for the part you’re really waiting for.  What’s going on with the studio.

Monster Book Two has been through the first rounds of edits and will be on its way out of my hands and into Seth’s for some good, old-fashioned proofreading.  That usually takes her about two-three weeks. She really digs in and gives it a good read through before we get it back to do rewrites, edits, tweaks and such.  We’re expecting it to be ready for publishing in September.

I’ve just started the first round of edits on Ghost House book Two.  This is the hard part, because edit #1 is mostly me typing up our scribbly bits from our notebooks into a word document that hopefully makes some sense.  Then we scour it, deciding what changes need to be made before we even start anything that might actually be called an “edit” phase.

I might have to talk about our process sometime.  It might be interesting.  What do you guys think?  Would you like to hear about how Nevi and I work?



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