Promises, promises

So, we’ve ended up with over 180 email followers! WOW! I guess you guys really want some free stuff! Well, I promised so I should put out.

How about we go ahead and do three separate drawings, each one for one of our books? In order to enter any (or all) of the drawings, you have the option of following @wanderingstarsX on Twitter (use the link from the giveaway or it won’t count!) or you can tweet about the giveaway (each tweet is 2 entries!) or you can add the book to your Goodreads “to-read” list (and answer the question with a YES!) This drawing will run from June 28th at 12am until June 30th at 12am. Winners will be announced on July 1st.

For those of you who are new to our blog, let me give you a little warning about the Parliament of Twilight books. They’re not for the faint of heart! I am posting our standard warning and descriptions of the books, with the links to each giveaway at the end of the descriptions, so you know what you’re getting into!

Warning: The books set in the Parliament of Twilight world are often more than the average person can handle. Contents may include but are not limited to: beast form sex, angst, spanking, inappropriate use of showers and/or bathtubs, elements of horror in erotic settings, implied m/f incest, outright m/m twincest, dubious consent, cliffhangers, tentacles, cheating, bad decisions, BDSM, bondage, campy humor, threesomes & more-somes, supernatural creatures, May/December romances, eternal love, blood play, murder, animated corpse sex

Monster: Book One
Having escaped the horrible life as an Agent of the Parliament of Twilight, Siris is enjoying the freedom that comes with being a pop idol. He was wrangled into doing a promotional stunt for his label – handing out invites to likely candidates for their newest reality show – which takes him to a dive bar in the desert. There, he meets Skye, the bartender but also runs into his former band mate Julian.

Julian hadn’t been as lucky as Siris. Though he attempted to have a Christian Rock career after the boy band split up, he was still working for the Parliament as a monster hunter. It was hard to sing praises while killing what appeared at first glance to be normal, innocent people. And now, in this middle of nowhere bar, Julian was to meet his newest partner in the long line of Agents who wanted nothing to do with him. Or more precisely, what lived inside of him. Julian was himself a monster, not unlike what he was forced to hunt.

Thrown together by the evil machinations of the Parliament, Julian and Siris must patch up a fractured trust and discover if the feelings that haunted them while they were together in the band still hold sway over their hearts. All the while, they are being used as pawns in a bigger game. The Parliament has plans for them far more sinister than hunting monsters and keeping the world safe.

Click here to enter for your chance to win a copy of Monster: Book One!

Ghost House: Book One

It’s been years since Jacob Kruez has done anything for the clandestine organization known as the Parliament of Twilight. He’s been left in peace to star in his TV show “Ghost House” where he fakes hauntings for ratings. The show is more about showing off Jacob than doing anything real. Out of nowhere, the production company makes the decision to force Jacob to take on a sidekick for the new season.

Enter Brodie. Plucked from the obscurity of public television and thrust into the limelight of Jacob’s world, the boy was sweet, young and adorable. Everything Jacob wasn’t. It was no wonder the older man hated him from first sight.

Then the letter arrives. A notice from the Parliament of Twilight ordering Jacob into active duty, which he promptly ignores. But, like all things related to the Parliament, there is a price attached and it is Brodie who ends up in mortal peril because of Jacob’s negligence.

Will Jacob save the boy or will he let him pay the ultimate price? And what about these warm, fuzzy feelings he has whenever Brodie is around? What’s he to do with those?

Use this link to hop over to the Ghost House: Book One Giveaway

Inertia: Book One

For years, Skye has been forced to hide his werecat nature. Only a small handful of people have ever seen it and of those, fewer still have understood what it really meant. Now, in his last hours of a normal life before he goes to dedicate himself to the life the strange little man known as the Doctor has set up for him, Skye thinks he’s just going to enjoy a little going away party at the bar he’s been working at for the last two years.

RT took the job impersonating himself at the little hole-in-the-wall bar with the intention of killing himself at the end of the night. His life has been nothing but misery and death. He’s lost everyone who was important to him and even his job with the Parliament of Twilight has dried up. He feels too old, too out-dated to be of use to anyone. He’s given himself one more night of music, one more turn at the piano before ending it all.

And then he gets a call pulling him back to active duty with the Parliament, ends up in the middle of bar fight and subsequently escapes with the hot, far-too-young for him bartender, Skye. The buffet of pills and booze forgotten in his room upstairs, RT sets off on a wild weekend adventure unlike anything he’s ever experienced before. By the end of it, he’s head over heels in love with the bartender.

But there’s more to both men than their sexual escapades. Skye has to get back to the Doctor or risk losing RT forever. RT is being hunted by the Parliament’s scariest Agent, Duke, to be taken in to prepare for his newest mission. Life is pulling them apart, dragging them into very separate lives. Will they ever be able to find each other again?

Here’s the way to get to the Inertia drawing!


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