Don’t miss your chance!

I am so excited to see the absolutely AMAZING response we’ve gotten to our giveaway and our email followers drive! We also have Hajni Blasko over at the Substance Books – Online Book Publicity Group on Facebook to thank for a great event that drew in the notice of other writers, artists, publicists, and other people from the industry.  You can still check out the links on the event page if you want to find some amazing indie authors, cover artists, book reviewers and more!

The giveaway closes at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.  If you want to get involved, hop over to this entry for the book summaries and the links to the entry pages.  There are three different drawings happening, one for each book.  Enter for just the one you want or enter all three!  There are no rules against the same person winning more than one of the drawings.

We’ll be drawing the winners at 11 am or so Sunday morning and I’ll make an announcement here at that time.  The winners can email me at or message me at our Facebook page so I with the type of file you want (PDF or Kindle/mobi) and where to send it.  I will hold your prizes until July 10th, so please message or email me before then.

Also, a little housekeeping was done on the site this week and some of the tabs at the top of the page have been shifted around.  The description pages for the Parliament of Twilight books have been reorganized and edited to include more information about the books.  And if you haven’t seen it, we’ve added a shopping tab to put the links to every place where our books are for sale in one convenient location.


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