And the Winner is. . .

We’re running a little late this morning, but Nevi and I took a well-deserved night off that ended around 7am!  But, we’re back up and on the pony again, geared up to do some serious writing this afternoon!

Right now, however, I’m sure everyone is wondering just who won the drawings for the eBook copies of our books!  Here are the winners (who have been emailed, so if you see your name check your inbox!):

Monster Book One was won by Ash B.

Ghost House: Book One was won by Judi.

Inertia: Book One was won by Judi as well!  You lucky girl!

Thanks to everyone for entering!  Your tweets and Goodreads list adds have all been appreciated!  For those of you who didn’t win, but still want the books, the Smashwords coupons are still active until the end of the day today!

Monster: Book One — GX59H
Ghost House: Book One — HM75B
Inertia: Book One — DS83F



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