Back in the Saddle

After taking a couple of weeks off, Nevi and I are back to doing what we do best!  We had a nasty bought of writer’s block followed by a vacation that, among other things, left us stranded in Buffalo, NY for 24 hours.  Don’t worry, I took notes so we can transform our real life drama into something amazing for our novels!  But that all aside, we came back home and after a couple of days of recovering from our good time, have settled back into finishing writing Monster #3.  There’s only a couple more scenes to go before we’ll be done with the first draft!

In other news, Monster #2 is with our editor and should be back with plenty of time for me to do the final edits, formatting and tweaks for the September release.  We don’t have an exact day just yet but we’re hoping for the first week of September.

Ghost House #2 is being redrafted and cleaned up.  This one has a lot of work needed, with a couple of new scenes needing to be added to make the plot really cohesive.  But, as long as I don’t get too off track, it will be ready for the tentative December release we planned.

Inertia #2 has been through most of the editing process and is just waiting for me to look it over, make the final edits/tweaks and begin the formatting process.  We were planning on releasing this one in March 2014, but with it being so close to done, we may end up with this one in December and Ghost House #2 in March.  We haven’t made a decision on this yet.

Also, the download link for Tinman is up on the Goodreads page.  If you have been waiting to read this short story on your eReader, now is the time to get it!  And while you’re on Goodreads, don’t be shy about leaving a review for one of our books!  Haven’t read them yet?  Then visit the shopping tab to find your favorite book or eBook dealer and grab a copy!



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