Big, Big News

So for those of you who pay attention to my random mumblings, you might remember that I was talking about some “big news” for us a few weeks back.  Well, this week, the big news went from being top secret maybes to really happening!  Our work is now being distributed on, one of the biggest sites to buy Yaoi!  As of when this post went up, Inertia #1 and Monster #1 were in the new release banner on their Yaoi front page!

This is a huge deal for us because our genre is Yaoi (japanese for man on man, often erotic, romance), which while very similar to M/M erotica and romance, has a different take on how to tell the stories.  Cliffhangers or open endings are common, as well as over-exaggerated character traits and emotions.  We’ve been in love with Yaoi for years now and that has influenced our writing so very much.

Also, I have discovered that eBay lets you sell Tarot readings again as well as eBooks.  So I have started selling a small variety of readings in order to support our writing and in the next few days, our books will be made available for purchase via eBay as well.  We probably won’t make many sales but even just a few people finding us on eBay means more readers!

On the subject of writing, we are working hard at getting Ghost House #2 edited and polished up for the December release date.  It looks like we have much, much more story written for it than we originally thought.  There is so much material, we are probably going to have to change where the book ends and put the last part as the first chapters of Book Three (which we are gearing up to write now that we’ve finished Monster #3).

Monster #2, which is due for release in September, is with our editor right now and should be back around the middle of the month so Nevi and I can put on the finishing touches.

We are hoping to have a break from writing the Parliament of Twilight books in November so we can both use the NaNoWriMo platform to work on our solo works before we dive into what we are calling “phase 1.5” of the Parliament stories.  We are probably less than a year from wrapping up all three series and preparing to move on to “Phase 2”, where all the characters collide and the stories overlap in a very exciting way.



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