Monster 2 Snippet

Wow, has it been a busy week here at WSP!  We’ve been putting the finishing touches on the second book in our series, Monster, getting it ready for release the first week of September.  I thought I’d share a little piece of Julian and Siris’s new adventure today as well as remind everyone that until Book Two goes live, Monster: Book One is on special for only 99 cents on Amazon’s Kindle Store!

In other news, we will be moving on to working on the final polishing of Ghost House: Book Two starting in the middle of September, and are aiming for a December release with that book.  Inertia: Book Two will be right behind it (with a tentative March 2013 release).

And now, for the excerpt from Monster: Book Two–

“It’s kinda creepy out here,” Siris observed. “Too foggy.” He brought his head back in suddenly, slamming himself back against the seat. “Crazy bird! Did you see that? It went straight for my head!”

“I missed the attack bird.” Julian was too busy trying to read the road signs to pay much attention to Siris. “But isn’t that the chance you take when you stick your head out of the car window?”

“Are you making fun of me?” Siris grumbled, turning back to roll up the window. The attack bird turned out to be a bat, and a partially decomposed one at that. It was now calmly blinking at Julian from its perch in the rock star’s hair. “It feels good. You know, like the wind is making love to you.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Julian saw the bat. “Siris, don’t roll up the window.” He slowed the car to a crawl. “And don’t panic, but there’s something in your hair. Stick your head out the window and try to shake it off.” Julian was already trying to determine what weapon he could reach that would be effective against a zombified bat.

“What? There’s something in my HAIR?!” Siris spun his head around in a panic. The bat almost immediately hopped off his head, landing on Julian’s thigh where it desperately scrambled across his lap to get away from the flailing Siris. He smacked his face on the half-open window, running his hands through his hair. “Oh my god! Is it gone? Where is it? WHAT is it?”

“Yes, you can calm down now.” Julian had pulled the car over and was reaching for the bat with one hand, making reassuring cooing noises at it. It was clawing at his jeans, so he barely felt it, but he really didn’t want it to stay there. He was pretty sure at this point it was an undead bat on a mission and that could mean so many very bad things.


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