Question and Answer Time!

So, I was asked a question earlier tonight and it occurred to me that just maybe people needed a little clarification on a couple things about our novels, so here goes –

** Yes, Ghost House, Monster and Inertia are all part of the Parliament of Twilight WORLD, but they are individual series that follow the stories of certain main couples.  You don’t have to read all three series to know what’s going on.  We take great pains to make certain that all the relevant information for the story we’re telling is there as it comes up in the course of the story.  I do encourage people to read all three series because together they give you the entire scope of the world.  There are some secondary characters who appear in multiple series, and it’s fun to see where they are in relation to the main couples.  But anything you need to know about their role in the story you’re reading will be told, just maybe not upfront!  There’s a certain element of surprise we like to keep.

**  In chronological order, Ghost House is first, as it takes place around 8 months before Monster starts.  And Inertia begins a few weeks after the opening scenes of Monster.  Parts of Monster and Inertia are happening at the same time.  Ghost House needs a few books to catch up to the timeline, but all three series will be happening at the same time near the end of their runs.

**  The series are NOT stand alone novels that happen to be about the same characters.  They are best described as serial novels, or compared to comic book issues.  It’s not a good idea to read book two or three of a series if you haven’t read the first one.  You will be lost.  They are written much like the episodes for a TV drama, where if you miss one, you end up really lost for the rest of the story.

I think that covers what I was asked.  If there’s anything else that you want to know, don’t be shy about asking in the comments here on our blog or on the Facebook page.


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