Updates on Monster 2

In working on the final edits/tweaks and the cover design, we have run across a little hiccup in the graphics department.  So, now I am waiting for the painting Nevi did to be touched up and scanned in so I can work with it.  (Spoiler alert: It’s a picture of Julian!) But other than that little setback, everything else is going well.  We are right on schedule with the last minute tweaks and I should be into the formatting stages shortly.  We don’t seem to be making our original estimate of September 3rd, but I would expect to be uploading the files to Smashwords not long after that.

When we hit our next milestone of 500 email followers, there will be another giveaway, so don’t forget to share around our blog and if you aren’t already an email follower, hit the button on the side of the page to sign up.

And speaking of the side of the page, if you haven’t noticed already, there is a new app along the right side of the screen.  Clicking on the Authorgraph icon will take you to a site where you can get your very own digital autograph from myself and Nevi Star!  You can add this to your Kindle file, print it and paste it inside your paperback or just collect them in your very own Authorgraph gallery!

Just a reminder,  “Monster: Book One”, which garnered the following amazing review, is still on sale on Kindle for the shockingly low price of $0.99! But not for much longer. Book Two will be hitting shelves in a few short weeks, ending this amazing sale.

“This is an erotica book, but that isn’t all it is. It’s the opening of a complex paranormal world filled with intrigue, magic, darkness, and what promises to be a complex mythology as well as the struggles involved with love and sex. That being said, the language is concise; an easy read. There is a kind of tarnished glamor to most of the characters, Julian and Siris, the main couple, being foremost in this. neither is perfect, though both are attractive, and their flaws are enough to create genuine conflict. The side storylines, though, are just as engaging as the main one, even though we are only shown glimpses. The sex is well-written, though sometimes heavily-based in the mythological elements and definitely geared toward the adventurous. Check this one out for the romance, but stay for the story, because, unlike some erotic books I’ve read, there actually IS one. I’d call these authors ones to watch. “


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