The Last Day

Wow, what a week it’s been!  We’ve been busy getting ready to release Monster Book Two and it’s looking great!  The cover is almost done, so I’ll be able to get that into the graphic design phase soon and hopefully do a reveal before the weekend!  The manuscript itself has been through all the various edits, betas and whatnot.  Right now, Nevi and I are reading it out loud to make sure everything is just the way we want it before I start in on the final formatting tweaks and getting it uploaded.

Just as a reminder, today is the last full day to get Monster Book One for only $0.99! The price goes up when I log in tomorrow, so you only have part of the morning!  You don’t want to miss this, as our latest review on Amazon, from the enigmatic Mr. Kibbles states:

5.0 out of 5 stars A well paced paranormal adventure. September 3, 2013
By Mr Kibbles
Format:Kindle Edition
“As a heterosexual man I would never has chosen to read this book if it were not for the recommendation from a friend. As expected from a book of this genre, there are scenes of gay erotica and while they held no interest for me I still recognize them as being well written passages. However, the paranormal or supernatural concepts in this book I found very original and intriguing. There are some great examples of alternative vampires, an interesting play on the zombie elements and overall intriguing monster concepts. There are some nice cloak and dagger aspects which involve a secret parliament which the main characters, Julian and Siris, are regretful to be aligned with yet unable to shake off their association. Monster: Book One is a well paced paranormal adventure which I am glad to have discovered and I eagerly look forward to reading Book Two.”
With endorsements like these, how can you not want to get your hands on this book?  And just in time to be ready for Book Two, as well.
And don’t forget, we’re counting down to another giveaway once we reach 500 email followers on our blog!  If you aren’t already getting updates in your inbox, hit the button on the right side of the screen and start getting them today!

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