Cover Reveal! Monster Book Two

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  The cover for Monster Book Two, featuring the tentacle-wielding Julian!

MN02 cover(click for full sized image!)

Isn’t it amazing?  In honor of the new covers, we are sponsoring a HUGE special discount at ARe, a whooping 60% off for a very limited time!  Now’s the time to get your copy.  And don’t forget to rate and review once you’ve read your books.  Book Two will be going live before the end of the sale.  I’ll be making an announcement when it does.


In other news, the redone covers are getting a warm reception everywhere.  Our issues with KDP seem to be nearly dealt with.  I won’t know for certain until tomorrow, but according to the “nice” lady I talked was in touch with, our books are on their way to being listed on again.  As of the time of this post, they were not live.

And just a special little thing for our loyal followers, here’s another excerpt from Monster Book Two!  Did you catch the last one we posted?  If not, why not check it out now?

It might have been two days. Maybe longer. J wasn’t really sure how much time had passed since he’d woken up, strapped to what he now knew to be an electric chair. He wasn’t sure about time at all anymore. There was nothing in this creepy basement that told him if it were day or night. The bright lights on the other side of the curtained off section were always on. The small lights that hung over him were the only lights that were turned on and off. The rest of what he guessed to be a rather expansive space remained in perpetual darkness.

Chip’s zombie minion, who seemed to be in charge of most of the menial work, brought J water every few hours and muttered vague apologies about the lack of ‘human food.’ The dread Zombie Master Chip himself appeared on occasion to stare. Probably trying to work out how the boy band member he idolized ended up on a team from the Parliament of Twilight.

At least, J hoped that was what he was thinking and not one hundred creative ways to kill an Agent. J finally couldn’t deal with the quiet staring and on one of Chip’s visits, he cracked.

“If you want an autograph, all you have to do is ask.”



4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal! Monster Book Two

  1. Ohh!! So we’re going to be able to get it on sale a long with the others??
    eek! If so yay! I’m so gonna wait so I can get them all at once! \^o^/ lol….
    Thank you for the sale. and I just love the cover~~

    • Absolutely! It will be up as soon as I get the nit-picky formatting details done. If it’s not in the next couple of days, I’m going to extend the sale price for some extra time. As of right now, it’s good through 9/29.

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