Those last few moments

For those of us who are writers, there is a moment in time that truly tests our meddle.  That last set of edits, grammar checks, formatting hiccups, and long uploading progress bars are the stuff of nightmares.  No matter which format you are publishing your work in – paperback, eBook, submitting to a publisher, or on your favorite online archive – those final breaths before your baby is live and exposed to the whole world shake you to the core.  Let me tell you, it doesn’t get easier or less scary the more you do.

I am nearing the end of the cycle for my fourth published work and I am still as nervous as I was with the first.  In some ways, I think I might be more nervous.  People expect things now.  What if the second book doesn’t live up to the hype of the first?  What if no one likes the character who takes up more of the story this time?  What if I some how missed that glaring grammatical error on page 87?

But I do have the advantage of experience on my side this time.  I already know what the style guides say.  I know I need a different file format for paperback and ebook, and a slightly different formatted PDF for each of the three places I upload my manuscript.  I know how to work the FTP program to send it off to eManga for distribution.  I can sail through those details.  But the emotional trauma of letting people look at my work, of exposing the insides of my brain in such a public forum, it still makes my knees knock!

The short version is, Monster #2 is coming.  I can’t stop it.  There are only a few details to work out and then our baby will be striding out into the world, ready to jet off to parts unknown!  On the upside, I’m not going to be suffering from empty nest syndrome.  I’m already hard at work on the raw edits for Ghost House #2.  What I’m doing now is ironing out the wrinkles and making certain the story is complete and ready for the fine tooth comb of Seth’s editorial eye and then the nit picking I’m becoming so good at!

To keep you busy until the next book drops, tell your friends about the special we’re running on ARe until Sept. 29th.  We’re offering 60% off the list price of the first books in our three Parliament of Twilight series – Ghost House #1, Inertia #1, and Monster #1.  Don’t forget to leave reviews on ARe (or wherever you purchased the books) as well as Goodreads!

In other news, starting next Tuesday (Sept. 24th) I am going to be publishing an Author’s spotlight.  Various writers I have met over the last year since I’ve begun this intrepid journey into authordom have sent me fun sneak peeks into their work and themselves. Each Tuesday, I will be posting a feature about them.  If you want to be included, I am planning up through the end of November and there are a FEW slots left.  They are first-come, first-serve.  I will be posting a more detailed entry about what I expect from authors (and probably building a page around here somewhere as well!).  Until then, if you want to book your day, please email Dani at, and I will send you the request for information I have worked up.  PLEASE do not just send me random press releases or links or samples of your work.  Just request the further information and save us both a lot of work and headaches!  Also remember, this spotlight is an experimental process and while I will absolutely post what I promise, I don’t know if I will take it past the end of November at this time.



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