It’s Alive!

Finally, after formatting hell and editing torment, Monster Book Two is live!

You can find our newest release on Smashwords for the regular list price, and I encourage you to purchase it from there.  But if you are on a budget, all of our books are still on special on ARe.  Book One of all three series will be priced at 60% off until Sept 29th and Monster Book Two will be on special for a few days after that!

The Kindle edition is now available.  The paperback editions will be up on Createspace, Amazon and Lulu in a few days.  Our Smashwords distribution which will post to Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and so forth, will take a few days to a few weeks to get through the verification system and sent out to the various retailers.  But if you go to Smashwords, you can get any of those formats directly from the source!

And here’s a special little peek into Monster Book Two!

“Everything okay in there?” Janice called out, lightly tapping on the door.

“Nothing to worry about,” Julian replied, pushing his wet hair out of his face and glaring down at Siris. “Don’t do that again,” he hissed.

From his position on the floor, Siris bared his teeth as they shifted from human to the much sharper, much more dangerous ones of his beast form. He moved his leg, clad in knee-high, buckled boots, to slam against the closed door, ensuring it was not coming open. “Or what?” His eyes became hazy pools of color, the change taking over all of his body, not just his teeth.

“Or you’ll end up flat on your back again,” Julian informed him, taking his time to finish pulling out the ribbons and getting his long hair into its usual neat ponytail. He left his foot on Siris’s throat during the entire process, seemingly unperturbed by his teeth or impending transformation.

Don’t forget that on this coming Tuesday we are beginning our Author’s Spotlight.  If you are interested in being featured, please email Dani at and request further information.  PLEASE do not send unsolicited press packages, long lists of links, or books to be reviewed.  Dani will let you know what she needs from you.  There are a few slots open for October and November.  No dates are being scheduled past November at this time.


(edited to add Kindle link.)


2 thoughts on “It’s Alive!

    • Thanks so much for the support! Hope you enjoy the stories. We’re taking a day or two off, then diving face first into Ghost House #2’s final edits and formatting. Hopefully, I have learned my lesson and this one won’t end up in formatting limbo for weeks!

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