eManga News

Firstly, we’re very excited to announce that Monster: Book Two is now live on eManga.com!  And to top it all off, they are having a super special event where they are offering gift points for customers who leave honest reviews!  It’s a pretty sweet deal, and the indie authors like us that they feature could be helped immensely by the reviews.  Here is what I received in my email this morning about the review event, and I’m certain it won’t take much to find more information on their website about it.

eManga Review Rush! Get free points when you write a review for eManga!

eManga wants to thank you for being customer with our eManga Review Rush! From 10/01 to 10/15 get 100 gift points for just writing a review on eManga! Do you own a ton of titles you’d love to share your opinions about? Keep writing and get up to 800 gift points!

Whether it’s glowing praise or a thumbs down, we love honest reviews! Ready to take the plunge? Here’s what you do:
1. Write a review of at least one paragraph (5 sentences) or more for any title on eManga, using our review system, between 10/01 to 10/15.
2. Email us at customerservice@emanga.com with the title you wrote about, your username and title of the review.
3. Allow up to a week for verification. Once your review is verified, customerservice@emanga.com with contact you with your reward code.

Don’t miss your chance to get some of these points as well as helping out the authors you love.


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