Slippery When Wet Blog Hop!


We are SO very excited to announce that we are participating in the Slippery When Wet Blog Hop, a very sexy Manlove event!  30+ blogs that feature men who love men have gotten together for this amazing journey!  There are giveaways on nearly every page, and a grand prize offered by the amazing originator, Hennessee Andrews.

UPDATE: The Gift Card that is being offered at the end of the blog hop will no longer be from In light of the recent censorship issues, Hennessee Andrews has decided that a Barnes & Noble gift card will be the grand prize. In light of the fact that most of the authors in the Blog Hop appear to be self-published (and certainly we’re all indie), I am quite happy to see the prize change.

Our giveaway will have FIVE prizes of a free eBook copy of any one of our currently published titles (see below).  To enter you just have to send an email to with the subject “Slippery when wet” and the title you would like to win as well as the format you prefer.  At the end of the blog hop, anyone who entered into our drawing will also be entered into the overall Grand Prize drawing for a $50 gift card.  Winners will be announced after the Blog Hop on Oct 19th on this blog. Entries will be accepted until midnight EST on Oct 18th. Only one entry per person will be entered into the drawing for this blog.

Now that we have that bit of business out of the way, let’s talk about us!  Wandering Stars Press is the label created by Dani Hermit and Nevi Star to publish our Yaoi-inspired novels.  We love to push the envelop into dark, unusual territory.  We enjoy toying with the very limits of what is safe and while our stories are highly sensual with explicit sex scenes, we like to think of them as being stories about love, rather than love stories.  Happy endings are not guaranteed, cliffhangers are the norm, and danger is around every corner.

Currently, all of our work has been done in the world of the Parliament of Twilight. But what is the Parliament, exactly?  It is the glue that ties our three main series together, an ominous presence in all of our characters’ lives, and a clandestine organization that claims to be preserving the balance of the world while they manipulate the Agents who work for them.

The Ghost House series follows the “fake” exorcist Jacob Kruez as he screws and drinks his way through life until the adorable Brodie shows up, turning his entire world upside down.  Secrets come to light and demons prowl the night as these two men come to terms with how much they mean to each other.  (Book One currently available with Book Two due out in Dec 2013.)

In Inertia: Book One, we are introduced to the down and out fifty-plus composer RT Wilmont.  He’s had about enough of life disappointing him.  From heart-breaking love affairs to the death of his young protegee, RT has had enough and he plans to end it all. Until he meets the fiery bartender Skye at what is supposed to be his last gig.  The twenty-something blonde takes RT on a wild weekend that ends abruptly.  But the hours they spent together have started a life-long love that only burns hotter as the two men are reunited in the most unlikely of places – Reality TV.  (Book Two of this series is due out late winter/early spring 0f 2014.)

Monster follows the trials and tribulations of the monster hunter Julian and his newest partner, the rockstar Siris.  Reunited nearly five years after they awkwardly parted ways when their boyband broke up, Julian and Siris must deal with old feelings, an elusive kelpie, and the horrors involved in working for the Parliament of Twilight.  (Book One & Two are now available.  Book Three is due to be released in Summer 2014.)

Check out our Shopping page for all your favorite dealers and get addicted now!

EDIT: New Linky List code, courtesy of the amazing Hennessee Andrews

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P.S. — to the new visitors – when our email following reaches 500, we are doing a giveaway. Hit the “Follow Blog” button on the right side of the screen to subscribe to the email list and share our link to your heart’s content. If you want to contribute swag of any nature to the giveaway, please email Dani at and she will put you on the list, with exact details to follow.


14 thoughts on “Slippery When Wet Blog Hop!

    • Make sure you email Dani ( if you want to be counted in the raffle for this site & have your email forwarded for the grand prize! Use the subject line “Slippery When Wet” and include in the body of the email which book & format you’d like if you win! Details on the books are in the entry and on their respective pages (see top menu or scroll WAY down to the listing along the right hand side)

  1. I’ve emailed, but I just wanted to thank you for being part of the hop. It was great to learn about your books and how you’re working them all under The Parliament of Twilight world. Sounds really interesting.

  2. Hi. Thanks for being a part of this blog.
    I’ll have to get back to you about the book unless you want to pick.
    I like M/M with HEA. I like stories with more submisive partner with a larger one who helps him find himself and also protects and cares for him. I’m running out of time for the blog if I get A chance I’ll get back to you. But would like kindle or Mobi.

    • I sympathize with your plight! Our relationships don’t seem to fit into the norms of the M/M erotica genre. But based on your tastes, you probably would like Monster (if you can wait several books for what will be their HEA). Ghost House has a relationship sort of like what you’re looking for but book one definitely does not imply that there will be a happy ending. But that’s why they are series. I secretly love happy endings, but I don’t like to get there too fast! 🙂 Good luck picking and thanks for visiting!

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