Back to the Bump & Grind

So for those of you who know me personally, you probably are aware that over the last couple weeks, I’ve not only gone on vacation but I’ve also been dealing with some pretty heavy emotional stuff.  I won’t get into it and bore you with my whining.  Suffice to say that it’s not over but I’m doing better than I was.  I really want to get back to the business of running my business.  We are going to start with some updates and see where that takes us.

— Firstly, thank you so very much to everyone who participated in the Slippery When Wet blog hop!  A lovely lady named Nancy won the grand prize given out by the originator of the hop, Hennessee Andrews.  Five very lucky people won copies of Wandering Stars Press eBooks.  They have all been emailed and as of this morning, confirmed that they received their prizes.  The response was quite a bit more overwhelming than I had originally anticipated.  Nevi and I were both very flattered.

—  We are still planning to have a giveaway event when our email following reaches 500.  Anyone who wants to pledge prizes, email Dani at and I’ll put you on the list. If you aren’t an email follower, just click the easy “follow” button on the right side of the screen, near the top of the sidebar.

—  Ghost House #2 & Inertia #2 are both in various stages of being edited.  Ghost House is tentatively scheduled for early/mid December and Inertia for March 2014.  Exact dates and pre-order links (where available) will come as soon as we know them.  There isn’t much to do for either one, so hopefully everything will go as planned.

—  During November, I am participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and will be up to my neck in doing stuff.  Updates on my progress can be found on my Goodreads blog. Please take some time to send me some encouraging words, either by Facebook message, commenting on Goodreads or via comment here.  If you are also doing NaNo, you can add me as a writing buddy!  My user name is “Just Hermie“.

—  Monster #2 is available just about everywhere now and we are starting to get some really great feedback.  Don’t forget to leave your reviews (especially on sites that don’t get many such as ARe or eManga.)  We love to hear from our readers, so if you aren’t comfortable sharing your thoughts publicly, feel free to email us or message our Facebook page.  Disclaimer:  flames, pyramid schemes, adverts for male enhancement drugs, and all other forms of spam will be ignored.

I think that just about covers it.  Other than saying that between NaNo and dealing with my personal crap, there won’t be any blog hops or promotional blitzes until it gets closer to time for Ghost House #2 to be released.  But stick around.  I’ve gotten some really great feedback for posting entries with just my cracked opinion.  Goodness knows, I have enough of those to last a lifetime.  So you never know when I’ll pop up with something to say!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us, both with the books and personally!  I can’t express how much it means to have you on this crazy ride with us!


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