And I’m back

I decided against entering the LJ writing contest I was looking at.  There’s just too much commitment required there and I am working hard on a publishing schedule now.  Yeah, that’s where I’ve been.  Publishing books.  How about that?  Didn’t think that would ever happen.

It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be, though!  There’s the writing, which is the best part, obviously.  But then there’s editing.  Reading.  Editing again. Re-reading. Tweaking.  Sharing with beta.  Tweaking.  Editing.  Re-reading again.  Editing some more.  Re-re-reading.  Make Cover. Tweaking and twitching.  Editing chapter seven. Re-writing chapter ten through eighteen.  Sharing with beta again.  Staring blankly at the wall while I recite chapter three’s dialogue, again. Remake cover.  Tweaking.  Handing over to editor with fear in my eyes.  Tweaking and editing based on editor’s suggestions.  Reading again.  Editing that funny bit in chapter twelve.  Nervous breakdown.  Editing again.  Tweaking.  Twerking. Fiddle with cover one last time.  Begging Beta to look at this scene again, PLEEEEASE!  Final edits.  Reading again and sighing in relief at the sheer perfection.  Formatting for publishing.  Swearing.  Doing formatting steps again.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Happy dance when book goes live on Amazon, Smashwords, & Lulu.  Take day off to gorge on sleep and candy.  And finally, start again!

I always laughed a little when people said that it takes a love of writing and sharing your stories that knows no bounds to be an author.  Now I laugh, but with the tired laugh of a person who knows it to be true.  Though, it’s all worth it when I log into my Amazon KDP account and see that someone in Germany or Australia bought one of our books.  It really is.

Other than driving myself mad with trying to work on our books while fighting off a horrible flu/cold bug that went around the whole house, there hasn’t been much going on.  Nevi and I are working hard on writing the next Parliament of Twilight books.  We’re rather excited because we can see the end of all three series.  But don’t fret!  The world of the Parliament won’t be over.   It’s just getting a little bigger than we had originally planned and we’re looking at a different format for telling the stories.  It’s become rather impossible to keep the three story lines separate anymore.  Too many plot points and characters are crossing over from Monster to Inertia and then over to Ghost House for us to realistically expect ourselves to keep them logical, let alone the fans.  I suspect we’re going to end up with a more Game of Thrones type writing style, where we go between the different couples and groups as the story moves towards the inevitable end.



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