Free Online Story & Other Updates

It’s been a hectic few weeks since we’ve last spoken, dear readers. Nevi has been deep into discovering the joys of her new art program, Manga Studio 5. Dani has been working on editing the next Parliament of Twilight book as well as writing her own novel.

We are also in the process of re-evaluating how we market ourselves and how we present our brand. Re-branding, you might call it. What we’ve discovered is that there are certain expectations that go with calling yourself erotica authors and referring to your books as erotica. We do not meet those expectations. So, we are thinking about what expectations we do meet and where we will fit the most comfortably. More news to follow.

The good news about Dani’s novel is that it has been picked up in serial form by the website Juke Pop. You can read the new chapters every Thursday here. Juke Pop asks you to sign up in order to read more than the first chapter, but it’s free and there are quite a few really good stories on their site. It’s completely worth it.

If you like what you read, please remember to support Dani’s efforts one of three ways. The easiest is to hit the +Vote button at the end of each chapter. The more +Votes a story gets, the higher it rises in the rankings and the more readers will see it. Use the Facebook and Twitter share buttons that are on the chapter pages. Don’t worry about which chapter you’re on, Juke Pop automatically takes people to the last chapter they read when they click the link (or chapter one if they’re new!)

Also, at the end of each chapter, Dani has issued a plea for donations. These are processed via Amazon payments and it is super easy to send $5 or $10 to her. Every dollar collected is put towards buying pens, paper, printer ink, and the all-important coffee & tea. To encourage people to donate, Dani has offered to post a bonus chapter every week (on Tuesdays) for every $10 in donations collected. This seems to be working because she already has accumulated $10 and will be posting 2 chapters this week!

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, please don’t forget to share the updates about her story when they come up! The more people who read her serial, the more +Votes she’ll get.

Also, if you want to help support us in other ways, don’t forget that Dani does Tarot readings via the website Kasamba. You can contact her for a flat rate e-mail reading or catch her online and chat for only $1.99 a minute (the first three minutes are free.) And keep an eye out for coupons and special deals from Kasamba that we post on our Facebook & Twitter. If you don’t want to go through the Kasamba site, but still want a reading, you can message Dani via Facebook or email her at for quotes.


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