Ghost House Book Two Early Preview

Thought that I’d drop by and leave the first part of chapter one of Ghost House: Book Two for your perusal.  We’re in the final editing stages (just nit picky little bits now) and will be randomly posting clips from the manuscript here and on our Facebook page over the next few weeks while we polish it up.  Haven’t read Book One?  Get your copy now from any of these fine online retailers

In other news, we will be publishing Inertia: Book Two shortly after Ghost House 2 hits.  We’re in the same stage of nit-picking the final draft for that release.  The third books in all three series (Inertia, Ghost House, and Monster) are all written as of last week and need to head into the editing stages.  We’re hoping for late 2014/early 2015 to start seeing those books hitting the market.  We’re right in the middle of moving house, so things have gotten kind of manic around the writing studio.

If you haven’t checked out Dani’s new serial novel on JukePop, now’s your chance.  She’s published 6 chapters so far and has chapter 7 on deck to go live on Thursday.  Don’t forget to hit the +Vote button at the end of every chapter!  Every vote brings her closer to the JP30, where the top 30 stories every month get a small cash prize.


And without further ado — here’s the clip from Ghost House Book Two.  (Fair warning, if you haven’t read book one, there are spoilers in this clip! Go get your copy now to avoid having the cliffhanger ending spoiled!)



Brodie was not the first corpse Quentin had been forced to deal with. The first had been many years ago. Long before Quentin had learned how to handle the life of an Exorcist who worked for the Parliament of Twilight.


Back then, he had been full of attitude, misplaced bravado, and thought he knew everything. Including the severity of life in the Parliament. So when his first real Exorcist team — his mentor and two teammates of nearly two years– were decimated by a pack of distorted entities they had no business dealing with, he did not cry. He had been quite proud of himself. He had done his duty and pulled the trigger three times, putting blessed bullets into the foreheads of his closest friends. He had taken care of all the arrangements for the burials and even done the strange rituals himself to ensure that the bodies could be safely laid to rest.


After that, Quentin had earned himself quite the reputation. At a mere nineteen years old, he was already touted as one of the best students of magick for his generation. And in dealing with the deaths of his team in the manner the Parliament of Twilight demanded, he had proven himself to be, without a doubt, the most ruthless Exorcist the Parliament had ever seen. After that, he had risen in the ranks from teacher to observer to something else without a name but certainly the highest position an Agent could hold without being a part of the Council of Elders. Quentin had to admit that he had become quite the legend. At least, Ethan Wilmont had been until his mysterious disappearance some twenty years ago. Few people had ever known Quentin Harris was the same man. The sparse handful outside of the Council of Elders who knew were dead. Quentin had to make sure of that fact on more than one occasion. Even Jacob didn’t know about the other life he had lived before being assigned to partner with the younger man’s parents.


The irony was that Quentin wasn’t much more talented than the other Exorcists. He’d just taken on a lot of dirty work when he was young and had seen enough to have material to hold over some of the more fearful higher-ups’ heads. Add to that his unique talents and the Council of Elders had decided it was just easier to cater to him a bit than send someone to cancel his contract.


Unique talents, Quentin scoffed at his own arrogance. Whole lot of good those have done this poor boy.


Quentin had shaken the dust off several old debts owed to him by the Council of Elders to get his hands on the young man. Brodie had, without a doubt, shown quite a bit of promise. Not just as Jacob’s co-star but as his saving grace. Through one of his many contacts in the Administration Department, it had been brought to Quentin’s attention that Jacob was regarded as a ticking time bomb. Quentin had no doubt it was due to his reckless lifestyle and questionable heritage. Jacob Kreuz was on the short list to have his contract “renegotiated,” which was the polite way the Parliament referred to murdering useless or dangerous Agents.


Quentin had gotten his best friend a stay of execution. But only on the condition he could turn him into a full-fledged Master Exorcist. This meant finding and nurturing a new Agent. The Council of Elders had agreed to overlook the tests Jacob could not pass, give him a team to run for a few years, and get him on the same track they had set for Quentin. That was to say, they pretty much would let Jacob be if he would handle the unpleasant task of dealing with Agents who needed to be eliminated.


Ohh! Exciting!  Keep your eyes on this blog and our Facebook page for more clips and sneak peeks in the coming weeks!


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