Updating Our Progress

Just in case anyone has been wondering about me, I’ve been neck deep in working on the books for our convention appearances this fall. (details to follow in a few days for anyone who wants to visit with us!) Also, I’ve been redesigning our brand and website. There’s a lot to do!

In the middle of all of that, my brand new computer died. It just died. One minute, we were happily working. I put it into sleep mode and it just never woke up. At least it went peacefully, I guess.

I’m working on an old laptop we had laying around (because we never throw out anything!!) and thankfully was only shorted one morning of work!

Just a quick peek at where we are:

** We’ve decided to release 2 versions of our books: an illustrated Yaoi version and a non-illustrated paranormal fantasy version.
** We’ve restructured the Yaoi books into shorter bursts we’re calling “episodes”. Otherwise we would be dumping huge 800-1000 page epics and I’m not comfortable doing that in this genre. We will be collecting them into omnibus format at some point, but don’t expect to see those this year.
** Nevi and I have written partway into what will be Episode 2 of our new Parliament of Twilight series.
** The scenes are laid out and planned to the end of Episode 2, with some brief notes heading into 3.
** There will be a new website premiering sometime after the weekend.  I am working hard on creating a website and blog that reflects our new mission statement and perspective.  It’s taking a little longer than I originally planned.

**  Nevi has drawn all of the art pieces for Episode 1.  She just needs to ink and tone them and I need to figure out the fine details of the formatting for publishing options.


That pretty much covers it.  Any suggestions, questions, concerns, kodos, or free coffee coupons can be left in the comments or emailed to wanderingstars@live.com


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