The Parliament of Twilight

After getting a few messages and emails about our books, we decided to create a page that answers the most common questions about the Parliament of Twilight books.  Well, all the questions except “What happens next?” But the first thing you need to know about the Parliament of Twilight is that there is a warning in place for these books. They are definitely not for the faint of heart.

Warning: The books set in the Parliament of Twilight world are often more than the average person can handle. Contents may include but are not limited to: beast form sex, angst, spanking, inappropriate use of showers and/or bathtubs, elements of horror in erotic settings, implied m/f incest, outright m/m twincest, dubious consent, cliffhangers, tentacles, cheating, bad decisions, BDSM, bondage, campy humor, threesomes & more-somes, supernatural creatures, May/December romances, eternal love, blood play, murder, animated corpse sex

What is the Parliament of Twilight?

The Parliament of Twilight is a rich world full of intrigue, adventure, dark twists of fate and, most importantly, hot men! With the clandestine organization known as the Parliament ruling over the lives of these men, they never know when a job will be their last. Whether it be from a monster or each other, they find themselves in danger over and over as they do the bidding of the Parliament of Twilight, ridding the world of evil one creature at a time. With lives this complicated and dangerous, these men hardly have time to engage in the debaucheries often dictated by their supernatural natures.

This is a world full of shifters, vampires and so much more! Dani R.R. Hermit and Nevi Star (that’s us!) take you on a whirlwind journey through the lives of these men as they struggle to find true love (or at least a good time) while working for the Parliament of Twilight. Some of them are loyal Agents, others question the motives of their superiors. This is a tale crafted from a dark sense of humor, intricate story-telling and a love of gorgeous men doing unspeakable things to each other.

What inspired the Parliament of Twilight?

Inspired by Japanese storytelling, yaoi manga and anime in particular, we have done our best to craft the world they wished to see in print. Working hard to shape these stories for nearly ten years now, the Parliament of Twilight has eaten our lives! Very little doesn’t lead us back to this world. We try and watch TV but we see the reflections of our characters on the screen. The same happens with books, movies and going to the grocery store! Our biggest muse, however, is probably music. We have created dozens of mix CDs with songs that inspire us to write certain parts of the story or certain characters. We play them in the car, while we’re writing and sometimes, even when we’re sleeping!

What books are part of the Parliament of Twilight?

There are three series that fall under the heading of the Parliament of Twilight world.  Monster, Inertia and Ghost House.  Each has several books in their story lines.  There are tentative future plans for several stand-alone novellas/novels and maybe anthologies of short stories.

Do I need to read the books in any particular order?

You should definitely read the the different story lines in their numbered order (i.e. don’t read Monster #2 before Monster #1).  But as for different series, there isn’t any set order to read them in.  Chronologically, Ghost House is set nearly a year before the other two series, but we intend for it to catch up within four or five books.  Inertia will have a little more impact if you read it after Monster.  But overall, there is no set order for reading the books.

Do I need to read all the books to understand what’s going on?

Only if you want to have the expanded version of the story.  We try to make each series a stand alone story, but there are some characters who cross over and some events that have an impact on what happens in other books.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Feel free to leave a comment on any of our blog posts, visit our Facebook or Twitter accounts, or you could email us at


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