Ghost House

Original artwork by Nevi Star

Original artwork by Nevi Star

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Book One Blurb (directly from back of Paperback edition)

Jacob & Brodie star in Ghost House, exorcising demons for fun & profit. Too bad they don’t just play exorcists on TV.

Jacob is a former exorcist/agent for The Parliament of Twilight. Now he’s the star off Ghost House, another of those creepy ghost hunting in quaint little towns kinda shows. He “exorcises” the ghosts & demons infesting the house, big special effects, fireworks, everybody goes home happy & the viewers are excited.

Brodie is his new co-host. He used to star on his own show about “spiritual redecorating” or something like that. He’s an adorable, fluffy little cupcake. Of course Jacob immediately hates him.

The boys are just getting to know each other & work out the kinks in their new partnership when an ominous letter arrives. Apparently Jacob might not be as retired as he thought.


Book One Promo Blurb (used for blog previews)

It’s been years since Jacob Kruez has done anything for the clandestine organization known as the Parliament of Twilight. He’s been left in peace to star in his TV show “Ghost House” where he fakes hauntings for ratings. The show is more about showing off Jacob than doing anything real. Out of nowhere, the production company makes the decision to force Jacob to take on a sidekick for the new season.

Enter Brodie. Plucked from the obscurity of public television and thrust into the limelight of Jacob’s world, the boy was sweet, young and adorable. Everything Jacob wasn’t. It was no wonder the older man hated him from first sight.

Then the letter arrives. A notice from the Parliament of Twilight ordering Jacob into active duty, which he promptly ignores. But, like all things related to the Parliament, there is a price attached and it is Brodie who ends up in mortal peril because of Jacob’s negligence.

Will Jacob save the boy or will he let him pay the ultimate price? And what about these warm, fuzzy feelings he has whenever Brodie is around? What’s he to do with those?


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