Praise for Ghost House: Book One

Doesn’t skimp on horror, erotica, or fantasy, August 17, 2013

“This is the second outing from the Authors who brought us Monster. Although set in the same universe, Ghost House is far different fare. It’s in the authors’ vein of supernatural m/m erotica, but Ghost House is erotic horror and it lives up to that description in spades. Jacob, the main character, is a TV show host who “exorcises” fake hauntings for the camera. Brodie, his unasked-for assistant, has some genuine minor supernatural talent and idolizes both Jacob and his work. But both have their secrets; I won’t mention Brodie’s, but Jacob’s is that he was once a real exorcist dealing with real ghosts and demons. Jacob, jaded by his past, tries to immerse himself in booze and empty sexual encounters. Brodie expresses growing concern over Jacob despite the man’s bad treatment of him. Pulling the show’s strings are the members of Wolf productions. All of these characters seem to have little care for the safety of their assets, except for the show’s wardrobe designer, the delightful Quentin, whom we learn was once Jacob’s mentor in hunting real demons.

A real demon does arise to challenge the pair, and the consequences are horrific, heartbreaking, and a true revelation for Jacob. Come for the erotica, by all means, but please stay for the mystery, the well-crafted magical system, and your own curiosity’s sake. Though this book is certainly not for the squeamish, by entering this world you will want to know more. This book has heat, intensity, true moments of terror, and most of all, characters that urge the reader to explore more deeply. Long live the Parliament of Twilight series!”

– by Julie Hodges (via Amazon)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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