Original Artwork by Nevi Star

Original Artwork by Nevi Star

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“Inertia” has actually become a complete rewrite. A fresh beginning for the story we started writing around 2005! Where the first book is opening was originally just a brief flashback in book one of the “Inertia” series but something just wasn’t quite right about it. We realized we were spreading the story across too many couples and decided that our main focus would be the love story of Skye and RT, who were the original couple the story was based on.


Pre-release blurb:

Skye is a were-beast with fantasies of fame. RT is an out of work Broadway writer/composer who used to work for a clandestine organization, The Parliament of Twilight. Through a twist of fate they end up at the same bar, at the same time. A hot weekend that is supposed to mean nothing sets off a series of events that will change their lives forever.

Inertia – once in motion, there is little that can stop it.


Book One Blurb (directly from back of paperback edition)

Skye is about to quit his job tending bar because of the golden ticket he blackmailed out of Siris a few weeks ago (see Monster #1 for the full story). On his last night, his bosses hire him a piano player for his going away shindig and change his entire world.

RT was ready to quit on life. Having spent most of his life as Broadway royalty and even as a pop radio darling for a time, the fifty-something piano player has been reduced to playing dive bars as an impersonator of himself because no one in their right mind would hire him. He’s been in and out of rehab, done reality TV hosting gigs to pay the rent and now this. RT intends for this retirement party to be the last thing he does. Ever.

But from the moment he lays eyes on the sexy, twenty-something bartender, he forgets about his plans for suicide and ends up living more in one weekend than he could have ever imagined possible. But both men have secrets, dangerous secrets that could ruin their unbelievable bliss and tear them apart forever. What will happen to them as these secrets come to light?


Book One Promo Blurb (used for blog previews)

For years, Skye has been forced to hide his werecat nature. Only a small handful of people have ever seen it and of those, fewer still have understood what it really meant. Now, in his last hours of a normal life before he goes to dedicate himself to the life the strange little man known as the Doctor has set up for him, Skye thinks he’s just going to enjoy a little going away party at the bar he’s been working at for the last two years.

RT took the job impersonating himself at the little hole-in-the-wall bar with the intention of killing himself at the end of the night. His life has been nothing but misery and death. He’s lost everyone who was important to him and even his job with the Parliament of Twilight has dried up. He feels too old, too out-dated to be of use to anyone. He’s given himself one more night of music, one more turn at the piano before ending it all.

And then he gets a call pulling him back to active duty with the Parliament, ends up in the middle of bar fight and subsequently escapes with the hot, far-too-young for him bartender, Skye. The buffet of pills and booze forgotten in his room upstairs, RT sets off on a wild weekend adventure unlike anything he’s ever experienced before. By the end of it, he’s head over heels in love with the bartender.

But there’s more to both men than their sexual escapades. Skye has to get back to the Doctor or risk losing RT forever. RT is being hunted by the Parliament’s scariest Agent, Duke, to be taken in to prepare for his newest mission. Life is pulling them apart, dragging them into very separate lives. Will they ever be able to find each other again?


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