Groundbreaking M/M genre blend, August 23, 2013

Inertia: Book One is an unusual but fascinating blend of gay romance / erotica with paranormal elements.

20 something bartender Skye, capable of changing his physical form, manages to bring back the will to live in 50 something singer RT. They meet and embark on a short passionate time together.
The writing of this book is explicit but not as shocking as the blurb made out to be. I am amazed at how well the chemistry between the unlikely couple worked and how well their respective background weaves into the story.

The book is packed with unexpected paranormal elements and plot surprises, which every reader will better discover for themselves. The Parliament of Twilight, which binds this book to a series of similar stories, is a dark and secret society operating from behind the scenes.

The book contains explicit sex which however is not as shocking as the blurb made out to be. It also some humorous and entertaining scenes, particularly the show scenes of RT performing in the club or the interrupted sex in ‘public’. The main characters have great chemistry which is remarkable as they are in many ways such an unlikely couple. With their respective pasts and backgrounds they are interesting protagonists to follow.

I am delighted to find gay erotica with so much substance. I understand that this is an English language version of a gay sub category of Manga literature. The stunning art work on the cover certainly has a Japanese feel and will attract a cult following.

I applaud the authors for breaking new ground and experimenting so successfully with these genres.”

ChristophFischerBooks, on Amazon


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